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Below is a list of upcoming events.
Please note we do not run any of these events. They are simply listed here for your convience.
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New South Wales
    All Events in New South Wales (67)
    Social Activities (14)
    Adult Events (11)
    Pubs, Nightclubs & Music (42)
    All Events in Victoria (42)
    Social Activities (7)
    Adult Events (5)
    Pubs, Nightclubs & Music (30)
South Australia
    All Events in South Australia (21)
    Speed Dating - For Heterosexual Singles (3)
    Social Activities (8)
    Adult Events (7)
    Pubs, Nightclubs & Music (3)
Northern Territory
    All Events in Northern Territory (40)
    Adult Events (2)
    Pubs, Nightclubs & Music (38)
    All Events in Queensland (60)
    Speed Dating - For Heterosexual Singles (1)
    Social Activities (6)
    Adult Events (7)
    Pubs, Nightclubs & Music (46)
Australian Capital Territory
    All Events in Australian Capital Territory (20)
    Social Activities (3)
    Pubs, Nightclubs & Music (17)
Western Australia
    All Events in Western Australia (52)
    Social Activities (10)
    Pubs, Nightclubs & Music (42)
    All Events in Tasmania (33)
    Social Activities (3)
    Adult Events (1)
    Pubs, Nightclubs & Music (29)
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Celebrating Sexuality
Fri, November 15, 4pm
Join us and celebrate sexuality!
Residential retreat in Melbourne
Click here for details
Tantra Friday Night Taster
Fri, November 15, 6:30pm
Deepen your sexual connection!
Everyone welcome!
Click here for details
TGBI Parties
Fri, November 15, 8pm
Join us to socialise or explore your sexuality!
Trans, Cross Dressers & their Admirers
Click here for details
Adelaide Drinks Night
Sat, November 16, 8pm
An invitation to all AMM members!
Everyone welcome!
Click here for details
Fitzroy Sundays @ The Night Cat
Sun, November 17, 7pm
Learn the sexiest dance on the planet!
Everyone welcome
Click here for details
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